JAM is a team of specialists, jamming to produce the best online experience for our clients, and the end users. As with yacht racing, teamwork begets success! Your interests and needs at are the heart of our functional designs for online static and mobile delivery. We cover Miami & St. Petersburg, Florida, Boston/New England & and Nashville, Tennessee.


Jo Ann Mathieu, Skipper / Web Producer

After a decades long experience in Boston in the film & television industry on many well known Hollywood & Commercial Television feature films shot in New England, and many PBS TV national documentary series and one-off productions at WGBH TV, I migrated over to the internet while on a production hiatus as Administrator at the Center for Entrepreneurship at Babson College back in 1995 while growing their presence online for information and online courses emerging onto the scene.  

I moved to Miami in 1999 for year round sailing and better weather for my bones.  I had landed a job at WLRN TV/FM back into the PBS/NPR family, but this time as a  web producer to develop their first online website for the Public TV & Radio station. In Nov. 1999, I became the first person to bring a PBS/NPR station in Florida into online ecommerce with their Pledge Drives, streaming online music, and more. I was laid off during a recession 2.5 years later and took the summer of 2001 off to go sailing (around New England, to Panama from Miami, and around the Mediterranean), spending time to consider my next steps.  

Since 2001 after that fabulous sailing summer, I hung up my Web Diva banner in Miami and have been working with Small to Medium Size businesses to develop their online presence, along with Constant Contact email marketing to combine with Social Media exposure.  

What are your challenges to growing your business? Let's discuss! Give me a call:  305-672-3373 or email: jo@jam-inc.com


Mike Haynes, Tactician / Programmer / Designer

 iSatisfy, Web designer

iSatisfy.com is made up of a small group of independent web professionals and freelancers located on South Beach and the surrounding area. Our combined expertise allows us to provide full-service web design, application development and web marketing to small businesses thoughout Miami and Miami Beach, Florida.

The company is owned an operated by me, Mike Haynes. I've been interested in computer technology since 1983 when I first booted up an IBM PC with a new operating system called Microsoft DOS 1.0 in a student lab at the University of Alabama. MS-DOS 1.0 booted up from a 5¼-inch floppy disk (back when they really were floppy) since the IBM PC had no hard drive at the time! It is hard to imagine this miserable configuration now.

As you probably guessed, I attended the University of Alabama where I graduated with a business major in Accounting in 1987 with a concentration in Information Systems. I earned a Masters Degree immediately thereafter. Upon completion of grad school, I secured my CPA designation and joined Ernst & Young as an IT auditor. In the subsequent 8 years I worked with two of the world’s largest Business Insurance Brokerage firms, Marsh & Willis in various software development and marketing positions related to "Risk Management Information Systems" (RMIS).

Since 1999 my professional efforts have been devoted entirely to Internet technology and related software development. iSatisfy.com was conceived in November of 1999, at the height of the speculative investment frenzy in tech stocks. At the time I was working for an Internet "incubator" company that had secured $10 million in investments for 8 fledgling Internet companies, ranging from an online record label to a video surveillance company. Each was ahead of it's time. And, each was poised for failure with the looming collapse of the Internet investment bubble in late 2000.

2001 was a bad year for most tech companies. The fallout from the market crash and the horrible events of September 11th wiped out most hope for riding out the "Internet adjustment" period for most Internet startup companies.

However, with many hard lessons learned and many humbling events endured, iSatisfy.com is still around. The landscape has changed significantly. And, for those of us who continued to embrace emerging Internet technologies, the future is quite promising. "Pie in the sky" Internet dreams have given way to practical and applicable solutions for everyday business. "Dot Com" is no longer a destination. It is the path.

~Mike Haynes
Owner/Project Manager/Developer - iSatisfy.com