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What does it mean? JAM is my initials, 
Jo Ann Mathieu.  
It goes back to you my younger years, when musicians were JAMMING, Bob Marley woud "Be Jamming". We'd be JAMMING on making Movies, and having fun creative parties. And it carries on through the years in the creative world as JAMMING on concepts and what we can do to bring your business, websites and marketing thinking to the next step up, on the JAMMING Level. We're all in it to make it happen for you and your own needs. It's all about YOU! 
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You know you need a new website, or perhaps a redesign for the now required RESPONSIVE design for mobile devices.  We will help to walk you through the maze of technology, and now the mobile requirements that may be a challenge to you.   Every step of the way is planned out for you with your full participation, and with that, you will be assured a mutual pathway to building the website that you want and need.  And we tie in the marketing tools to keep your presence in front of your customers/clients. Of course, then you need to Promote It!  That's where Email Marketing comes in.

Constant Contact Accredited Solution Provider
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Website Design, Constant Contact Email Marketing, Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites and more... 

We specialize in:

  • Responsive (mobile) web design technology
  • Constant Contact email marketing
  • mobile apps
  • mobile websites
  • catalogs
  • e-commerce

  • internet marketing
  • web hosting
  • application programming
  • social media campaigns
  • search engine optimization
  • custom programming

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Marquee Entertainment Casting, in Miami, FL

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